Monday, August 06, 2007

index my heart, index my heat

Up until this weekend, I had forgotten how much I hate my lovely barely air conditioned house. We have a tiny AC unit on the side of the house that emits just a whisper of cool air during the summer. The sweltering weekend reached up to 90-something at one point. Even my anti-AC, "I heart window fan" husband brought in the extra troops--our second AC unit, which we installed in our bedroom window. That unit, so icky and awkward and big and loud, was a godsend (This is where my husband would say, "that's what she said". I second.) Every year I am reminded that we need to update the AC--primarily because dualing units are a fire hazard for the outdated electrical system, something that the electrican will probably be reminding me when he visits us on Friday. I'll be so glad when October is here.

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