Friday, June 29, 2007

Veggie Booty Recall

Arrrrh. Who knew that if you ate booty, there's been doodie from yr booty? Arrrrrh! A setback for the vegetarians. It seriously is, though, the best nutritious crack that your kids will eat (and packed full of vitamins...and salmonella.)

Monday, June 25, 2007

berry angel cream

easiest summer dessert (yet messiest)

i made this for my family this weekend. everyone devoured it like a pack of wolves on fried chicken.

angel food cake, cut in half lengthwise, 1/3 way through
1 cup blueberries
5 cups strawberries, cut in quarters, with 1 tbs sugar mixed in
whipping cream (whipped) or light cool whip for fewer calories

cut the cake, whip the cream (a chilled bowl or metal pan works best), sort of hollow out the inner layer of the cake, layer cream on inner layer, put on a layer of half of strawberries, add in a half of the blueberries, add layer of whipped cream onto bottom of top layer of angel food cake. put top layer of cake on (make it fit!). add whipped cream on top of cake and then the rest of berries.

here's my rendition:

fyi, i was actually inspired by martha's new cake, but it went it's own way. as is the case with martha's ideas. that martha.

here's hers:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

also in the running

i went to the sweet glass thimble quilting shop yesterday to pick out fabric for the curtains (re: post below) and was informed that they will soon be carrying amy butler's nigella collection. one of the fabrics will include this lovely one, called "passion vine". so now i'm a bit unsure.

the best thing about this one is that it will help in blocking out light. it's also a thicker fabric, which is probably best for curtains. however, i'm not sure if it's too dark for a pink wall. hmmm.

if you are in columbus, you should check out the glass thimble. they've been carrying amy butler's stuff lately and have a good amount left. the owner told me that they had had more of it but that it was flying off the shelf. i guess the good word is catching on. now if i could only learn how to sew fast enough...and grow a money tree. the new nigella fabric is running at $15 a yard. eek!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

pink n' cherry n' _____?

the mr. and i are currently refabbin' our boudoir this summer (thanks to domino). we got a jump start this spring by painting it pink. pink, in the form of valspar's "quebec calm", which is more of a light-blue-pink. "a calming effect" pink.

i'm now in the midst of upgrading the room's decorative elements, primarily the lamps, rugs, and curtains. but i've hit a boo-hooey stumbling block in this process. the lervly light cherry furniture that lives in the space, the cherry that once pleasantly matched the sage color on the walls, now stands alone in it's earthiness. pink and cherry might go well in some spaces, like a gynecologist's office, but not so much in this case.

to that end, the cherry wood must become one with the quebec calm. the main priority now is to decide on the best fabric for four single panel curtains--all of which will be backed by a basic, plain ol' color, like khaki or black or something that matches. i'll post photos of the room soon. in the mean time, feel free to comment on the swatches below. fabric is from amy butler's lotus collection.

pick the perttiest one:






Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is Leslie. She is a librarian, friend, creative being and a musician. She can work a number of instruments, including this here trumpet. Her band, Church of the Red Museum is playing this weekend at Columbus' annual Comfest. If you are in town or coming to to Columbus (come ya'll!), check them out on Sunday at 7:10 pm at the Offramp stage at Comfest. They're also playing on Friday at Little Brother's.

Monday, June 18, 2007

i love charlottesville

how many times have i come to you out of my head with joy, if ever a man was, for to approach you i have given up the light and all directions. i come to you lost, wholly trusting as a man who goes into the forest unarmed. it is as though i descend slowly earthward out of the air. i rest in peace in you, when i arrive at last. -wendell berry

we went to charlottesville this weekend to see tyler and sena get married. tyler is an old friend of my husband's. i had only met tyler twice or five times and paul hadn't seen him in about 4 years. however, he insisted that we be at their wedding. it was lovely,charming and genuine. i've never heard "venus in furs" played for a wedding party processional. and my friend dominic read "in the country of marriage" by wendell berry. it was awesome.

as is the case with most out-of-town weddings, i had a chance to meet a lot of folk whose names/histories i'd only heard about. i was also reintroduced to people who i met over 10 years ago. both myself and the person i was meeting again could remember way back in our skulls when we had first met. it was quite endearing to have a bit of blank space filled in. it also left me wanting to know them all more.

i told paul this morning that we should move to charlottesville so that we can spend more time with these kind people. he then reminded me that most of the clan were ex-c'ville pats. too bad. charming charlottesville has such a brigadoon feeling. paul's mantra for the weekend was that "everyone's important in charlottesville"--from the burrito dude to the rocker. and loved. we'll definitely be back for more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

in my head now

1) tony soprano is not dead...or is he?
2) bedroom inspiration board--make it!
3) jim gill, children's musicmaker. will there always be sunshine?
4) tyler and sena's wedding in charlottesville party=PARTY ya'll
5) is christina aguilera pregnant?
6) am i pregnant?
7) parker's potty training almost done, except for the poop part
8) tire tread thin, needs repair
9) clean up the back yard now
10) huntington dog beach...and dylaney
11) i want my own ipod
12) library books due
13) ramona is a lovely name
14) spurs will probably win. i am sad for cavs