Tuesday, October 30, 2007

all things on my mind

tree trimming way overdue
babies don't eat kimchee is due at the library
electrical work
preschool class picture, so cute
soccer in the spring
snow tires this year
will the car die?
broken hearts/angry hearts
amy butler trunk show next week
halloween trick or treating
fall leaves swirling around my neighborhood
purl soho
gratitude for a toddler in my lap at the sewing machine
gratitude for sea kelp and iodine
jen and brian's wedding ceremony
my own forgiveness

chicken in the fridge that is almost a week old
cook it up!

Friday, October 26, 2007

he's the real deal

we're worried about his sword holding abilities, but it might be okay. as long as his sash don't fall down, it will all work out. see him next week when he's working down the panama canal.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

code pink on condi

Code Pink member Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz confronted Condesleeze Rice yesterday at a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, telling her she was a "war criminal". I'm totally in awe of this woman who went out on the line to have her voice heard--bloody well heard. Sadly, the committee chair ordered all of the Code Pink members in attendance out of the hearing. (WTF?) Those who were kicked out didn't go down without a fight. Towanda! See the footage here.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

dylaney miller as amy winehouse

This is Dylaney Miller. She's about 65 dog years old. She lives in Silver Lake in LA. Her longtime companion, Jessica Miller is one of my best ever friends and is a rising star in the photography scene (commercial and art). I'm going to petition that she does more work on this lovely houndlady. Isn't she photogenic? Happy Thursday.

Monday, October 15, 2007

my little pirate

my son has decided that he wants to be a pirate for halloween, which for him is every day this month. so he's a pirate right now as i write. the character he took on, "parker the pirate", has actually kind of bloomed in the last week. it started with a full weekend of pirate hat and eye-patch wearing the weekend before last. it's now moved to being a full-time pirate, with or without the garb (or, as i should say, "garrrrb").

so what's the behavior involved? a lot of arrring, especially at strangers walking down the street. randomly. like a social psychology experiment to see how they respond to random verbal attacks by local 3-year-old pirates.

this weekend we visited a local park ("parrrk") to catch the last showing of a garden sculpture exhibit (made coincidentally by a guy who looks like a pirate). at one point my husband had to fetch himself to the restroom. parker and i decided to wait at a bench along a walk close to the entrance. after helping me devour a sweet banana ("banannarrrr"), parker the pirate decided that he'd pass the time by harassing passers-by, shadowing them with fear and pirateness. he decided to perch himself in the middle of the asphalt path with his hands on his hips, legs out (you know, to stop anyone being able to go the full 4 feet around him), chin down and a scowl on his face.

grown adults and individuals who approached were met with a very loud "AAAAARGH". most greeted him back with their own "aaaaargh"s, which he ignored as insignificant to his reign over that spot on the sidewalk. he'd hold his pose and let his eye follow them as they passed--which was hilarious. the whole thing brought me lots of joy. one woman tried to politely and quickly slip by without an acknowledging "aarrgh" back and instead giggled with tight lips. everyone on the walk during that 10 minutes was amused by my little pirate. oh i love him so.

we went to a local outdoor mall yesterday and it his terror trip was met with less of a response from the shoppers. he still managed to bring out smiles and chuckles, if not responding "arrrghs".

i haven't had a good working digital camera in awhile, but once i get one (soon, i hope) i will post pictures of my pirate and his horse "pencil". this whole pirate thing is definitely the most fun we've seen him have with himself--and makes the defiant three's so worth it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

perfected Jews?

Jesus probably wouldn't want to break bread with Ann Coulter, the bad PR she's giving him these days. Ugh. Will this woman never die in a freak accident?