Thursday, July 26, 2007

almost three

if eyes are windows to the soul, then here is the spirit of my wee one, parker. every day i am blessed by this child's wonderful eyes that welcome me into my place in this world.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm taking a series of how-to workshops at a local sewing shop in August. Although the primary goal is to learn sewing 101, the ultimate and most blessed goal of all is that at the completion of the workshops, the student will receive their own Huskystar E20 sewing machine! Free! (For those who don't know how to sew, we are idiots, and idiots will believe anything is Free!)

But how much fun is that...learn the basics, and there you got it, fancy pants sewing machine for you! And knowledge. That's like going to grandma's house, learning how to sew, quilt, make curtains, read patterns, size up stuff and then walking away with your own damn machine--a new machine, at that. I'll also learn how to use this machine while I'm in the series. Owners can upgrade the machine in the future as they advance in their sewing skillz. Here is a loverly photo of the Husky E20. So glorious! So husky! So Free! not so much!

*a note, this 101 class is so glorious, that even my friend Natalie wanted to take it, but they would not let her (boo, hiss) since she wasn't in need of the Free! machine (she has her own bad ass Viking). It makes me sad, since I'll be going solo. However, this will mean that Natalie and I will have a sew-a-thon at some point in the future, making sun dresses for every boy and girl in Columbus, Ohio, including Charles and Chester.

Also check out Wholly Craft if you are in Columbus, OH for sewing classes. They have some of the best basic and creative sewing classes in town.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bike and tie to bonnaroo

last thursday, our wee family was driving home from the library when we spotted 2 mormon elders on bikes, cycling for the good mormon word. i always wonder if going door to door to recruit mormons really works--or is worth it to those young men. so the following tiny exchange happened between my husband, paul and i:

me: i just don't know why they don't do something better with their time
paul: like go to bonnaroo?

at this point, i realized that it would be so much better for them to be at bonnaroo. without the ties. good luck, ya'll elders!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

why potty training sucks in the summer

because you have to go places, like the zoo, the science museum or grandma and grandpa's house with the hope that your child will not pee his or her pants--especially since he or she will not pee on an adult toilet. so what do you do? put a diaper on him or her, which inevitably throws any potty training accomplishments that you might have reached out the window.

or you bring mr. potty and the jar o' potty candy with you.