Friday, August 01, 2008

paging tony danza

one thing i kind of forgot about with having a new baby is that the tired day flies by ever so damn fast. it's already 11:30 am and i'm just getting done dropping the boy off to school, checking email and putting the girl down for a nap. only 2 hours left to get stuff done before the kiddo comes home. how does this happen? and why does this happen? when i worked full-time, the day went by so slowly.

i'm carrying around that ol' stale mantra right now about not having enough time to do anything. and i know that i shouldn't really be doing anything right now other than resting and feeding the baby (and reading), but it feels quite impossible. i want the abode to be set right side up and my business in order. i guess that i need an assistant. perhaps i'll be like a 3-year-old and create an imaginary one. if he (yes, he) doesn't get the laundry done, perhaps it will be his responsibility in the end. there ya go.