Tuesday, April 24, 2007

and bread will once again be 2 cents

one thing that i hate about living in columbus, oh is that there are no direct flights to my hometown of richmond, virginia. there's never ever, to the best of my knowledge, been a direct flight. and when you do take a flight, the only option has been to connect in charlotte, nc or washington, dc at the average cost of $300. bullshit in darkness.

today, april 24, 2007, lightness came wrapped in a sugary sweet, ice cream and french fries-filled 6-letter word: skybus. direct flights to my home town from here on out. no connecting flights to drag my toddler through during nap time. god has shown us his love and mercy forever, amen.

but wait, it's not over. the best is yet to come. and with this, war will be over. and britney spears will pull off her straw cowboy hat to reveal a returned mane of hair. and each day will be a spring day, filled with flowers, avocados and basil.


I had a feeling that this clever, new Skybus airline had some tricks up her sleeves, but I had no idea it was this ridiculous. REEE-DIC!

And what does one do when prices are so awesomely, sugar smack low?

One buys oneself a ticket to Los Angeles for that which is less than the cost of one of the following:
a meal at O'Charley's for 1
a pair of K-mart jeans
8 thrift store shirts
a subscription to People magazine
half a bag of groceries at Whole Foods
a full tank of gas for a Volvo Station wagon, on a good day
2 pizzas

$20!!! LA.!!!

Get in on the action while the summer spots are still low!