Thursday, February 08, 2007

all in a day

The last 24 hours of the insatiable E! RSS feed has included the following headlines:

"Anna Nicole's New DNA Deadline"

"Anna Nicole Dead"

"Anna Nicole Dies"

Kinda gross. Kinda sad.

Sorry, Anna Nicole.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

who is the wee little woman?

One of our favorite bedtime books is "The Wee Little Woman", a story about small, single gal who spends her day milking her cow and hanging out with her animals. The book has been such a staple that I've give it it's own song, titled "Wee Little Woman", sung to the tune of Asia's "Heat of the Moment", respectively.

Anyway, the wee woman gets in a fight with her cat when he tries to drink her milk. The cat gets scatted ("scat cat!"), leaves town and returns to a very sad wee little woman. They all make up--and drink up some milk.

I have been trying to figure out who the wee little woman reminded me. Perhaps she's a woman from Guatemala...a lady from downtown...a figure from a work of art. I finally got my answer. Last night as I opened up the book and read out the title, my husband said from across the room, "...starring Lisa Bonet, circa 1986."
Moments like these make story time rule even more. Thanks, Paul!